Please note: Rijkswaterstaat is working on the roads around the Biesbosch. This can lead to delays. It is best to check travel times via Google Maps and check the Rijkswaterstaat website for the most current situation.

Biesbosch Experience


Biesbosch experience

Thanks to the Biesbosch, surrounding, higher-lying areas cannot simply flood. But how exactly does that work? Experience it in the Biesbosch Experience. A scale model of the Biesbosch, complete with polders, dikes and streams.

This model - measuring 30 by 30 meters - makes the hydrological workings of the area immediately clear. You can see how meltwater from the Rhine and rainwater from the Meuse converge in the Biesbosch delta. See how the water level changes from low to high. Operate the sliders and buttons yourself. And change the course of the water!

The Biesbosch Experience operates from April through October.
During prolonged droughts, the Biesbosch Experience may not operate due to a shortage of water. In that case, ask first if the model is in operation: 0183-504009.